WaveEditor MOD Apk v1.106 (PRO Unlocked) for Android 2022

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On your Android device, WaveEditor MOD Apk is an excellent application for editing audio files. It is possible to trim, cut, and apply basic effects to audio files with WaveEditor, such as volume adjustment and fade-in/fade-out.

A feature that I find very useful about this application is its support for the noise gate feature in WaveEditor, which is very effective at removing unwanted noise. Creating custom tones and saving them as presets is encouraged. To create new sounds, these presets can be used in WaveEditor’s synthesizer.

WaveEditor MOD Apk Download

WaveEditor MOD Apk

Audio editing tool WaveEditor MOD Apk offers a variety of tools to improve your audio projects. Your audio files can be seen and adjusted using these tools, allowing you to identify and correct any problems.

Real-time waveform visualization helps you identify any areas for correction in your audio files. You can easily identify and adjust any problems with tone or balance of your recording using the Spectrum Analyzer, which shows you the frequency content of your audio. Level Meter also ensures that your audio signal levels are within safe limits by monitoring their levels.

WaveEditor MOD Apk How It Works

As a starting point, WaveEditor Audio Recorder & Editor is an audio recording and editing application, which allows you to record professional recordings of any sound using your mobile device’s microphone or any external microphone connected to the device. As a result of the app’s advanced and useful features, you can enjoy much better recording quality. I have always found that recordings are much clearer, smoother, and more truthful when they are recorded.

WaveEditor MOD Apk Features


Equalization is a tool in WaveEditor that adjusts the tone balance of recordings. Boosting or cutting frequencies can improve the sound by correcting deficiencies in frequency response. It is possible to customize the equalization curve. Users can create custom curves or choose from presets.

Noise gate

It is important to understand the importance of noise gates if you are a musician who uses electronic instruments. By removing any unwanted noise from your sound, they assist in cleaning it up. You can easily improve the quality of your recordings with the WaveEditor app’s noise gate feature.

Multiband compressor

There are three bands in the multiband compressor – low, mid, and high. As well as adjusting the gain and frequency of each band, you can also adjust the attack time and release time of each band. By doing this, you will be able to fine-tune the compression in order to get the very best results.

Pitch correction

It is possible to correct the pitch of vocals, instruments, and other audio files using the pitch correction feature. You can customize the pitch correction function of the app by changing a variety of settings. A variety of presets are available, as well as the ability to adjust the amount of correction.


WaveEditor MOD Apk
WaveEditor MOD Apk
WaveEditor MOD Apk
App NameWaveEditor
Latest Versionv1.106
Get it OnGoogle Play

MOD Features

  • Pro Unlocked

Is Wave Editor for android free?

WaveEditor’s free version has many features. The upgraded version is recommended if you enjoy this app. Through In App Billing, future support and new features can be guaranteed. But we have provided modded version of WaveEditor called WaveEditor MOD Apk, with which you can use it for free

What is Wave Editor?

With Wave Editor, you can edit digital audio fast and easily. Basic editing capabilities include cutting, copying, pasting, and deleting parts of recordings in this powerful and user-friendly editing environment.


There is no better choice for quick and effective audio recording applications than WaveEditor. You can enjoy awesome audio quality with your simple recordings with the app’s intuitive and effective features. Most importantly, you can now conveniently adjust your audio outputs with the app thanks to the built-in editor. We allow you to pick it up for free and unlock it whenever you wish with our mod.

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