Water Tracker MOD Apk v2.11 (PRO Unlocked) 2022

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With Water Tracker MOD Apk, you can keep track of your water intake and ensure that you adhere to your prescribed schedule while staying hydrated. It offers a number of unique features, such as custom notifications, smart reminders, quick action widgets, and proper statistics.

Water Tracker MOD Apk Download

Water Tracker MOD Apk

Water Tracker offers a variety of advanced features that can be used for a fee if you wish to use them. It is important to note that the Water Tracker MOD APK plays an important role in helping you to solve this problem. Water Tracker is a handy application that you can install on any of your computers, which allows you to open and use all the functions that require paying for in order to use them, so that you can easily get what you are looking for.

Water Tracker MOD Apk How It Works ?

Android users can use Water Tracker MOD Apk in conjunction with their health assistant, which monitors your drinking habits and alerts you when you need to drink water to maintain your body’s rejuvenation. WaterMinder tells you how much water you should drink based on your health conditions, body weight, activities, weather, and many other factors. By doing this, you’ll make sure your body gets enough water without going overboard.

Water Tracker MOD Apk Features

Default reminder option

The importance of water in our daily lives cannot be overstated, and it is crucial to stay hydrated as well. This Water tracker app provides a reminder feature that can assist you in staying on top of your water intake goals. Depending on how much water you have already consumed that day, the reminder can be set for a specific time of day.

Customizable notifications

The most appealing feature of the water tracker application is its customizable notifications, which allow you to customize the way you wish to receive notifications regarding your daily water intake. There is the option of receiving a notification on your phone, a vibration, or both. The time of day at which you wish to receive notifications may be selected.

Quick Action Widget

With the Quick Action Widget, you can easily record your water intake without having to open the application. It is as simple as clicking on the widget and it will show you the remaining amount of water you have to drink.


You can stay motivated and on track with your water intake goals by using the Achievement Section in the Water Tracker App. By drinking the recommended amount of water each day, you will be able to unlock a variety of achievements. You will be notified when you have unlocked an achievement, which will be displayed on the main screen of the application.


Water Tracker MOD Apk
Water Tracker MOD Apk
NameWater Tracker
Offered ByBetter Life – Health Apps
Get it OnGoogle Play
Updated8 Jun 2022
MOD FeaturesPro Unlocked

MOD Features

  • Pro Unlocked

What is the best app to track water intake?

Water Tracker is the best app to track your intake of water, and recently we have launched our Water Tracker MOD Apk in which the PRO version of this app is unlocked


There is a lot of water in your body; 75% of your muscles are made up of water, 90% of your brain is made up of water, 83% of your blood is made up of water, and 22% of your bones are made up of water; so it is extremely important that you maintain a healthy drinking habit to keep your body hydrated.

As a result of WaterMinder, Android users will be able to follow a free guide to healthy drinking, ensuring that they remain hydrated at all times. The app is intended to be extremely helpful and beneficial for all of you, from calculating your water intake to reminding you to drink water on a schedule.

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