Space Shooter Mod Apk v1.601 ( Unlimited Diamonds ) 2022

Space Shooter Mod Apk is an action shooting game with a beautiful design, smooth and adjustable controls, a variety of antagonists with fun environments to hunt in and it has a fairly easy learning curve. The game features responsive touch controls so you won’t notice any control lag, the graphics are stunning on any device and the fact that it’s free makes it more enticing!

Fly your spaceship as Earth’s last defense force, looking to save us from evil and nasty enemies. Dive into epic fights against space villains who try to take over our planet and hunt down the bugs and destroy them all! Upgrade your spaceship to fly faster, carry more artillery, and even more interesting power-ups, which will help you complete in-game challenges like dodging meteors for example. These “useful” tools will greatly expand your gameplay options so you have more fun with the immersive actions.

Space Shooter Mod Apk Download

We’re aware that there are a lot of things like spaceships, levels, and teaming options locked at the start of your journey, and you can only unlock them by making in-app purchases. This can be frustrating because each item has its own cost, so it costs more to unlock everything up front.

To try and get on top of this issue today, we are going to take a look at Space Shooter Mod Apk 2022. Keep reading and I’ll guide you through installing this modification of the game so that you can unlock all the features and work your way up to higher levels.

Space Shooter Mod Apk Gameplay

Space Shooter Mod Apk is a game that every Android gamer must have. In Space Shooter Mod Apk, you get to be a captain in the space sector which has been defiled by space invaders. Your job is to cleanse of these invaders and make sure their evil intentions no longer affect those who do not deserve it. If this sounds like the kind of goal you want to accomplish then we only ask one thing from you: start playing Space Shooter now! The future could depend on it!

Command your ship to go through multiple in-game challenges and go against many nasty enemies, each having its own intimidating powers. Freely control your spaceship to dodge enemy attacks while also returning your accurate cannon blasts. Explore multiple power-ups and upgrades which will give your spaceship better chances of wiping out the enemies – because laser cannons are cool as well as practical! While encountering hours of gameplay against enemy spaceships, earn cash by destroying more and more spacecraft! Be careful not to lose your shield, or you’ll instantly explode! When gaining levels the spaceship can get faster and cooler, increasing players’ gaming experience and enjoyment

If you’re a fence sitter who wants to participate in a captivating fight, then now you can experience outstanding fights on multiple levels against opponents with escalating difficulties and lovely setups. Play the hard battles as much as you wish and every time you are ready for it. What is more, you can now join other defenders on an amazing quest against enemies to defeat them.

Space Shooter Mod Apk Features

  • Fight in space
  • Enemies and Bosses
  • Easy controls
  • Play with friends
  • Graphics

Fight in space

Space Shooter Mod Apk puts you in a fierce battle in space. As the lone pilot of your spacecraft, your goal is to take down as many enemies as possible. Without partners and teammates to help you out, you must aim toward the enemies carefully and precisely in order to eliminate them and ensure that their fire doesn’t reach you. This can be difficult given that your foes are also highly advanced spacecraft that don’t go down easily and also have weapons of their own to fire back at you. Keep up your defense!

Enemies and Bosses

Compared to the simple enemies that you’ve defeated in the first stage, Space Shooter gives you a whole new challenge when it comes to space. The enemies outside of Earth are very different from anything you’ve ever seen before, and they come equipped with incredible spaceships. One thing, in particular, is that there are so many new spaceships with their diverse functions, along with harder enemies that each carries within themselves a unique weapon.

Easy controls

Android gamers have a lot to enjoy with the addictive, simple touchscreen arcade gameplay in Right-off-the-bat. Now let’s make it even better by upgrading your device so that it’s optimized for playing this exciting game! Simply drag your ship around to dodge attacks from enemies and make sure you’re intercepting as many of their fire as possible! The controls are easy one touch, which will certainly enhance the classic arcade game.

Play with friends

Social gaming is a big trend right now, and many game developers are working on ways to implement the social element in their games with current technology. Space Shooter has taken strides toward this goal by allowing players to interact with one another in-game through chat functionality or by inviting others to experience the fun of gameplay together – whether it’s flying around shooting other spaceships or dealing damage, they can do so while sharing all of this crazy action with friends.


With the careful eye for detail in Space Shooter Mod Apk, each match is like watching a blockbuster movie unfold right in front of you. Countless warships and monumental missiles form a vibrant spectacle that will keep you on the edge of your seat as you take aim at your adversaries. Special effects are designed to throw you into complete immersion, so get ready to hold your breath while playing this captivating game that will surely have you hooked by the time your last round ends – trust me!

MOD Features

  • Unlimited diamond
  • No damage

Gameplay Screenshots

NameSpace Shooter: Galaxy Attack
Offered ByOneSoft
Get it OnGoogle Play
UpdatedAug 26, 2022
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use this Mod Apk?

Of course, it is safe to use Space Shooter Mod Apk on any device. gamikapk always shares premium applications with you and we are just happy that you trusted us to share this application with you.

Is this game contains Ads?

Space Shooter Mod Apk is an amazing game where you can watch ads to earn diamonds.


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