Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD Apk v1.34.1 (Unlimited Money Unlocked)

Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD Apk is a game that has reigned as the most engaging horse race since time immemorial and will continue to remain at the pinnacle of peak entertainment and realistic gaming due to its exquisite graphics, ingenious storylines, exciting tournaments with tons of prizes, and most importantly because REAL horses are used in every single race throughout the entire game.

The objective of the game is to win races while also betting on horses and using the winnings to upgrade the stats of your horse, as well as your stable. There are several environments to race in including desert, forest, grasslands, and snowy terrain. You can also race in varying weather conditions like clear skies or a thunderstorm. The game has different breeds of horses for you to invest your time and money into so you can find one that best fits your racing style.

Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD Apk Download

Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD Apk

Do you like games that challenge your strategic thinking and encourage your competitive spirit? Perhaps you’re searching for a game that will let you be the owner of a stable of premium horses from all over the world! If this sounds like something you enjoy, then Rival Stars Horse Racing Apk is just what the doctor ordered.

Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD Apk Gameplay

Rival Stars Horse Racing is an exciting horse racing game developed on both Android and iOS platforms such as iPhone or iPad, as well as iPad touch users. When you download this game, it can automatically install in your android mobile phone without any difficulty. You will be very impressed with amazing features such as stunning 3D graphics, realistic horse simulation gameplay, and more than 60 different types of horse racing events all over the world. In addition to that, we will have to buy various things for our horses constantly. If you love horse riding and adventure games, this game is a good choice for you.

Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD Apk Features

Participate in Races

Racing horses is one of the most exciting aspects of the game and there are a lot of reasons why you should try it out. It will allow you to increase your Fun score, provided you participate in better races rather than simulating them, and offer a challenge that has been lacking up until now. In addition, the horse’s stats will also improve upon racing frequently!

Upgrade Horses

We know you’re having a blast with Rival Stars Horse Racing and that you want your horses to be amazing, which is why we put together this handy guide to help you get through the training process. To upgrade and nourish your horses, first ensure that you have enough room for them at your stables. Next up, feed them with food so they stay strong and healthy throughout their entire training. One final thing you can use to aid your training regiment is high-tech tools like videos for visualization therapy or an anger blanket built in the Yeehaw shop!

Grab your favorite equine partner and see how you fare in virtual horse races with a new pack of racing upgrades!

Breed unique Horses

Rival Stars Horse Racing has a lot of ways that you can breed horses. Just like in most other racing games, it’s a good idea to collaborate with other players and create perfect horses that are the best they can possibly be. This is a great game where you can experiment until you get the perfect horse with great statistics!

Beautiful graphics

Every game must have immersive 3D graphics as Rival Stars Horse Racing offers to its players. The horses and riders are amazingly rendered, and the tracks are presented realistically with every blade of grass visible and shadows from the trees moving as you race by. You will feel like you’re in the middle of the race course, making you even more addicted to it.

Gameplay Screenshot

Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD Apk
Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD Apk
Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD Apk
Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD Apk
NameRival Stars Horse Racing
Offered ByPIKPOK
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UpdatedAug 21, 2022
MOD FeaturesWeak Opponents

Mod features

  • Unlimited Money


With awesome features and addictive gameplay, Rival Stars Horse Racing will keep you coming back for more. The free and unlocked version of the game on our website is guaranteed to give you what you’re craving in the way of horse racing fun. You can download it right now, just click on the button at the end of this article! Because we value your time and effort, we’re giving away a ton of great prizes too, including some sweet cash! So don’t wait for another second – claim your prize now!

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