PUBG Mobile MOD Apk v2.1.0 ( Unlimited UC, AimBot ) 2022

PUBG Mobile MOD Apk is the game of choice for many mobile gamers. The appeal is that you can play with your friends and enjoy a challenge like no other. It takes place in an apocalyptic world relating back to when Brendan Greene, the creator of PUBG, first started the game on Greenhill Server in Arma II. It kept developing into something beyond his powerful imagination before PUBG Corporation took over the leadership role of publishing the hit mobile title.

PUBG Mobile MOD Apk Download

PUBG Mobile MOD Apk

PUBG Mobile is a free-2-play game, but in order to collect some of the coolest skins, players need to top up their inventory with premium crates. These loot boxes can be bought or earned, but they come packed with clothing and weapon skins that can give you an edge over your opponents on the battlefield.

PUBG Mobile MOD Apk Gameplay

A curious event is taking place where 100 players will join the war of survival on a deserted island. This is a battle royale and the alone survivor will win. As the game begins, all players are dropped off in an area that shrinks over time as more resources become available so all players must fight each other to secure their position in order to survive. If you want your chance at winning, you better go and signup now!

PUBG Mobile MOD Apk Features

Unlimited UC

This is the most effective feature of this PUBG mobile mod apk and you will get unlimited unknown cash without spending for it. Using this later you can unlock premium rank up, guns skin, and even a royal pass.

No Recoil

If the player has good recoil control, he can win any close-range, even long-range battle. But as we know, almost every gun that presents in PUBG Mobile with to some degree of recoil. Also, if you use AKM with a 6x scope and then just forgot that you will ever control the recoil.

Using this No recoil PUBG hack, you will experience zero recoils when using any weapon in the game.


You’re acting to shoot enemies who are hidden behind the cover but you don’t have the means or the time to move forward covering every building and rock with your limited supplies? Then this hack mod will definitely be worth your while because it enables you to uncover their whereabouts so you can find them and eliminate them!

High jump

As many players know, in the original PUBG Mobile game you can jump only to a certain height. This mod allows you to jump much higher, so if you’re playing from your phone or tablet and you’re meeting someone at eye level with another player on their high-end laptop, they won’t be expecting you to leap over them in order to get a clean kill!

Gameplay Screenshots

PUBG Mobile MOD Apk
PUBG Mobile MOD Apk
PUBG Mobile MOD Apk
NamePUBG Mobile
Offered ByPubg Corporation
CategoryRole Playing
Get it OnGooglePlay
Updated10 Aug 2022
MOD FeaturesAimbot, ESP

MOD Features

  • Unlimited UC
  • Wallhack
  • No recoil


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