Prison Empire Tycoon MOD Apk v2.5.7 (Unlimited Money) 2022

In Prison Empire Tycoon MOD Apk, you take on the role of a prison manager. Your objective is to make the prison run smoothly and efficiently while also making a profit. You will be responsible for hiring staff, constructing facilities, and dealing with inmates. The game is highly addictive and challenging, requiring you to think strategically in order to succeed.

You can choose to be involved in as many or as few aspects of the project as you want. If you want to be involved in every detail, you can do that. Or, if you prefer to set up some basic rules and let the project run itself, you can do that too.

Prison Empire Tycoon MOD Apk Download

Prison Empire Tycoon MOD Apk

Prison Empire Tycoon Mod Apk is an excellent game that provides plenty of excitement and challenge for players. It is easy to get lost in the prison construction process, and it is always satisfying to see your creation come to life. The game is also well-balanced, so you never feel like you are at a disadvantage when playing against other people.

Prison Empire Tycoon MOD Apk Gameplay

In Prison Empire Tycoon, you’ll experience the thrilling challenges of running your own prison. It will be up to you to make sure that the prison is well-run and making money for the government. You’ll have to keep an eye on everything that goes on in the prison, from the prisoners to the staff. You’ll also be communicating with a police officer who will act as your guide throughout the game.

Specifically, the things he will mention are important and should not be overlooked if you want to be successful in the game. By taking note of his tips and tricks, you will be able to save money and make better decisions overall. Players can find a lot of helpful information by paying attention to this character’s dialogue.

Prison Empire Tycoon MOD Apk

Construct and manage your prison

In Prison Empire Tycoon, you are responsible for hiring staff and constructing facilities. The game is played from a top-down perspective, similar to city-building games like The Sims Mobile. This means that your view of the prison is an overview of everything that’s happening at once. You can zoom in to focus on specific areas if needed.

Dealing with inmates

In Prison Empire Tycoon, you make money off of inmates. The more inmates, the more money. However, inmates can also give you problems. It can be difficult to keep everything under control, especially when you have more than one prison and an entire country to manage.

Inmates can broadly be classified into several categories: those who are prone to violence, those who aren’t, males, and females. Additionally, there will be inmates who are particularly troublesome and will frequently attempt to escape. To deter them, you’ll need to station guards or set up security towers around the perimeter of the prison. If you’re feeling especially security-conscious, you can even set up a minefield.

Constructing facilities

There are many different types of buildings you can construct in the game, each with its own specific purpose. For example, you can build a kitchen to prepare meals for the inmates, or a library to provide them with leisure activities. You can also place security towers to monitor the prison, or mines to prevent inmates from escaping.

It is also important to consider the placement of facilities when designing a prison. The kitchen should be located near the dining hall to minimize the distance inmates must travel for their meals.

Gameplay Screenshots

Prison Empire Tycoon MOD Apk
Prison Empire Tycoon MOD Apk
Prison Empire Tycoon MOD Apk
NamePrison Empire Tycoon
Offered ByCodigames
Get it OnGoogle Play
Updated7 Aug 2022
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money

Is prison empire tycoon free?

If you’re looking for a fun and challenging idle simulation game, Prison Empire Tycoon is the perfect game for you. You’ll be in charge of inmates and must work hard to control them while also maintaining a good reputation. Download the game for free now and see if you have what it takes to become the ultimate prison tycoon!

What does Iron Fortress mean in prison empire?

Each time you choose to help out in Iron Fortress, you’ll be able to recruit a Legendary guard who will work in all your regular prisons (including upcoming ones) and provide different boosts to your game.


For fans of simulation and management gameplay, Prison Empire Tycoon is an immersive and unique mobile gaming experience. In the game, players manage their own prison and work to become the ultimate tycoon. With the free and unlocked version of the game on our website, players can enjoy it even more.

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