Idle Planet Miner MOD Apk v1.19.2 (Unlimited Money Unlocked)

Idle Planet Miner MOD Apk is a fun idle game that allows you to build your own little mining empire, just like the great tycoons of old. There are currently 29 planets available in this game, and as you progress through each level, your task is to become the next great intergalactic mining tycoon on the planet’s surface. Due to popular demand, developers have enabled everyone to upgrade their planets so that they can increase the production of resources per minute.

Idle Planet Miner MOD Apk Each of these planets is better suited for mining different resources. There is a variety of minerals available and they range in rarity. For example, some minerals are found on almost all planets, while others can only be retrieved from the rarest earth. Each planet also has its own market value which makes it risky to mine in lower-market value systems, as you could end up costing yourself more to produce than what your yield is worth on the marked planetary upgrades are permanent, and cannot be undone. Make sure you have extra levels on hand to keep your upgrades growing should you need to change your mind!

Idle Planet Miner MOD Apk Download

Idle Planet Miner MOD Apk

Do you dream of managing a planet mining company using which you can mine valuable resources and spread it to every planet in space? If so, then the Idle Planet Miner Mod will help you turn those dreams into reality!

Idle Planet Miner MOD Apk Features

Build new rooms

Building new rooms is arguably one of the most important features of the game. This feature allows players to build new rooms in their aeronautical vessel which has a range of different purposes depending on what’s most needed at that point in time.

One of the first rooms that you should build is the reactor room. This area provides power to all of the other rooms in your station, and it’s important for powering your other equipment. In order to survive against enemies, you must also build a storage room because this will be where you store resources. The next room that you need to build is the built engineering room. It’s a key way in which you can upgrade your weapons and defense systems.

Hire manager

Having a neighborhood Pokemon GO get-together is fun and easy. All you need to do is find the time and location that work best for those you want to participate and then simply carry your phone around in the open – make sure it’s the newest version so you are ready for when the gym opens!

Similar to Idle Miner Tycoon, this game offers players the option to have their NPCs manage mines while they continue to progress with other aspects of the game. By hiring managers, players can increase production, get better rewards for their workers, and even unlock new bonuses.

Craft items

The Idle Planet Miner is a browser-based RPG set in a fantasy world. Players can dig deep into the planet’s surface to collect all sorts of valuable resources including gems, gold, and even coal and diamonds. You can use these resources to craft items that can be used for trading with other players or sold for profit. There are many kinds of items you can craft, some more valuable than others due to their rarity and the raw materials they need. Keeping this in mind allows important decision-making regarding what items you should focus on crafting first.

Some of the most valuable items found in the game include a Laser Torch, Thermal Scanner, and an Advanced Battery; however with so many different items to choose from finding out what’s truly worth the moolah isn’t easy. The most important thing that you need is quality – and I do mean a high-quality crafting station! This can be purchased from vendors or salvaged from defeated enemies.

Gameplay Screenshot

Idle Planet Miner MOD Apk
Idle Planet Miner MOD Apk
Idle Planet Miner MOD Apk
Idle Planet Miner MOD Apk
NameIdle Planet Miner
Offered ByTech Tree Games
Get it OnGoogle Play
UpdatedAug 4, 2022
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money

Mod features

  • Unlimited Money


Idle Planet Miner is an engaging game, and if like me you’re kind of a mess, it may prove challenging to get very far. Aiming your laser at a swarm of asteroids long enough to obliterate them is not as easy as it looks. But even though I spend much of my time crashing into space rocks, the game is simply so much fun that I cannot stop playing it. Some levels are absolute torture, just to make you feel better about the ones that are super easy!

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