Heroes Of Cybersphere MOD Apk v2.74 (Free Shopping)

Heroes Of Cybersphere MOD Apk is a brand-new sci-fi third-person shooter that will take players to amazing worlds with stunning graphics and unparalleled gameplay. With the game’s multiplayer mode, gamers can battle against each other online in a variety of arenas or environments including snow, desert, and more. Players have an array of weapons to choose from including pistols, rifles, sniper rifles, and rocket launchers at their disposal.
Heroes Of Cybersphere MOD Apk is a fresh take on battle arena games. Utilizing fast-paced combat and strategic planning, this game rewards players for being able to think on their feet.

With a large arsenal of weapons available, using different tactics and abilities is up to the player in order to defeat opponents and conquer the land. One of my favorite things about the game is that each weapon that exists has its own strengths and weaknesses. This makes it important for the gamer to choose an optimal playing style in order to succeed. Overall, Heroes Of Cybersphere MOD Apk is a fun experience that I continuously recommend to friends, as well as myself!

Heroes Of Cybersphere MOD Apk Download

Heroes Of Cybersphere MOD Apk
App NameCyberSphere Online
Latest Version2.74
MOD InfoUnlimited Diamond
PublisherKisunja – Fun Shooting Games
Get it OnGoogle Play

Heroes Of Cybersphere MOD Apk is the latest augmented reality game to be released, allowing players to hunt down rogue robots by going around and scanning their surroundings with an in-game device. If you want to unlock every gun, tool and ability for free in this massively multiplayer online game (MMOG), then you should check out our Cybersphere Mod Apk today!

Heroes Of Cybersphere MOD Apk Gameplay

In Heroes Of Cybersphere MOD Apk, you play the role of a future military commander and can either fight against your AI opponents or take on human ones (like in most other Android games) with easy touch controls.The game’s main focus lies on the variety of units available to play as (with many varied skills and abilities) and the necessity to manage resources like fuel and power while trying to strategically build up an army that will be able to take out your opponents.

Cybersphere MOD Apk Features


Thanks to control schemes that are very user-friendly and super easy to use. All the information you need is right at your fingertips, with no need to navigate through confusing menus or even complicated controls. You just simply point, shoot then maybe target, depending on how much you want to think things through.

Epic boss Fight

In the fantasy world of Cybersphere, players explore a galactic universe of planets and galaxies, beating epic bosses on their way to galactic domination. Play with other people as you level up your character and take out enemies, earning cool rewards along the way. With an expansive game universe full of freedom to move around, defeating challenging bosses is sure to be both exciting and fun.

Various of weapons

Cybersphere is a game that provides you with many options when it comes to customizing different types of weapons – whether it be through the power upgrades available to purchase or by adding elemental damage (which can also be upgraded!).

Weapons come in handy for specific scenarios. For example, if you need something stealthy to deal with enemies that are on high alert, choose a weapon with a lower rate of fire but higher accuracy in order to remain undetected. You might also want to carry some explosive weaponry that can weaken groups of enemies while dealing heavy amounts of damage upon detonation. The weapons vary in speed, rate of fire, and damage per second. It is imperative to customize your weapon because each employee has different qualities that suit their own style of gameplay since they have been engineered to eliminate potential gaming griefers who cause havoc during multiplayer games.

Gameplay Screenshots

Heroes Of Cybersphere MOD Apk
Heroes Of Cybersphere MOD Apk
Heroes Of Cybersphere MOD Apk

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is safe if you’re downloading it from our website. We have checked this file for viruses. It is Malware free and safe to use.
Yes, you can play it on your PC with specific software that will allow running Android apps. You can use an Emulator for Android.


So guys! I’ve just told you a lot of information about Heroes Of Cybersphere MOD Apk – the best action game available on Google Play. In it, you can unlock 5 unique maps and many weapons, grenades, and other bonuses to unleash on your enemies. It has a multiplayer component and also a fun storyline that can be enjoyed solo.

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