Free Fire MOD Apk v1.90.1 ( Mega MOD ) 2022

If you like shooting games such as Call of Duty and PUBG Mobile and are looking for a fun addition to your gaming app collection then Free Fire MOD Apk is a good app to check out. It features in-game voice chat and even a practice range mode where you can try out each weapon before entering multiplayer (you must unlock all weapons first). Tag Mode is included which lets you play with your friends in 4v4 game mode.

Free Fire MOD Apk becomes more popular after an announcement that 1 or 2 of its players have been sanctioned or banned from playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. It can provide a similar gameplay experience, but it gets more thrilling when players are coming together to battle an enemy force (instead of fighting against each other) – and these encounters come in the form of squads going up against others all over the world.

Free Fire MOD Apk Download

Free Fire MOD Apk

As we know, there are lots of premium features and exclusive game items locked in the regular version of this game. However, for those who want to use them in the game then they need to purchase them from the game store.

Here’s an app for Android users called Free Fire MOD Apk that gives you unlimited energy and free gems. The game has both a regular version and a modded version which is the one we recommend. It’s very straightforward to use – just download it, sign up, and start enjoying the mini-game with its new additional items you can use.

Free Fire MOD Apk Gameplay

In Free Fire MOD Apk, your main objective is to survive 10 minutes against 49 other players. Being a Battle Royale game, you will need to find tons of different guns and equipment throughout the map. You will be able to gather a bunch of resources that can help increase your chances of survival in this intense shooter.

Free Fire MOD Apk is designed to be played with a squad of 3 other players. They will help you out in various tasks like taking down enemy bases. You will be able to communicate with them by utilizing the voice chat system, available only in the alpha version of Free Fire MOD Apk and ultimately in the final release too. One of the most thrilling and realistic game activities will be your adventure into a war zone where you can utilize ground combat, pick off a few enemies from behind and use vehicles such as tanks while shooting at soldiers trying to take you on.

Free Fire MOD Apk Features

  • Infinite gold
  • Infinite diamonds
  • Premium characters
  • Aim improvement
  • Garena shells

Infinite gold

Gold is a premium currency, an in-game cash card created specifically to help you purchase locked items in events like the limited character release, “Thor” (pictured). If you want to get more of gold’s benefits to expand your roster, all you have to do is go online, play the game, and complete challenges and events. And if you’d rather get it quick then look at our game guide on the best way to unlock these prized characters quicker!

Infinite diamonds

As anyone who has watched an action film will know, diamonds are the most valuable resource in The Glade Desert. It is a fact known across the land and which we cannot deny. And yet, it may come as something of a surprise to hear that Free Fire diamond is actually an essential virtual currency as useful as real money as well! Fundamentally placed in our game by Garena Entertainment to customize player characters with one of over 100 exciting cosmetic items available on sale in the shop.

Thanks to our Garena Free Fire MOD Apk Unlimited Money, you’ll be able to fully enjoy the game because you will never have to worry about constantly running out of resources. All your weapons, equipment, and skills can be bought without limits!

Premium characters

There are many powerful characters available in the game. Andrew, Kellie, Misha, Paloma, Notora, Ford, Wolfrahh, and many other long-time favorites can always be accessed if you’re getting tired of unlocking new ones again and again. It’s too bad that some are locked and need to be purchased by spending your hard-earned rupees (of course you can get rupees for free in Free Fire as well!).

In the game of Free Fire MOD Apk, more than 21 characters are available to use. Some characters come with both diamonds and Garena Free Fire Credits. If you want to use these characters without purchasing them with diamonds or credits then consider downloading a working APK file from Garena Free Fire!

Aim improvement

Auto-aim allows you to be of help when it comes down to aiming for headshots in the midst of everything that’s going on around you. When you’re under fire in a multiplayer situation, you’re not able to target enemies with as much precision as if you were alone – so let others help give you a hand at taking out foes as this feature does!

Garena shells

This Free Fire MOD Apk has an amazing Garena Shells feature which allows users to buy premium items and upgrade their weapons instantly without having to pay a single penny. Along with this, the user will NOT face any limitations while using this feature.

MOD Features

  • Infinite gold
  • Infinite diamond
  • All characters unlocked

Gameplay Screenshots

Free Fire MOD Apk
Free Fire MOD Apk
Free Fire MOD Apk
Free Fire MOD Apk
NameGarena Free Fire
Get it OnGooglePlay
UpdatedJul 15, 2022
MOD FeaturesAimbot, ESP

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play Free Fire?

Free Fire MOD Apk is currently only available on Android mobile phones because of the need to use Google Play, which iPhone users will not have access to. However, if there’s enough demand and popularity for the game, it’s possible that a version for Apple devices might be released at some point in time.

How do I download Free Fire on my PC?

  • Download and install BlueStacks on your PC.
  • Look for Garena Free Fire – Rampage in the search bar at the top right corner.
  • Click to install Garena Free Fire – Rampage from the search results.


Free Fire MOD Apk is a Third-person shooter MMO that allows players to choose their favorite scenarios, such as shooting and robberies. Build your own 3D virtual world with friends on Garena Free Fire Mod APK! You can download the game from our website from the button below at any time. With nice characters and well-written dialogue, this will become one of the most captivating games for you. This game is fun because you can play with your friends online and play together on challenging levels.

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