Football Strike Mod Apk v1.39.2 (Unlimited Money) 2022

Football Strike MOD Apk is one of the most played and downloaded games in the action category on both mobile and web platforms. There are several popular features that make this game stand out– such as upgrading your player, various game modes, amazing graphics, and many more– making it addictive and highly entertaining.

Football Strike MOD Apk is your way to play like a professional soccer player. You can practice your shooting, running and kicking with the game’s training mode, customize your team by changing the colors and names of all your players and play in several game modes. One game mode lets you adjust the settings making it easy to find one that’ll suit your preferences. To really get in the mood for some fast-paced football action, check out Football Strike!

Football Strike MOD Apk Download

NameFootball Strike
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money

Football Strike MOD Apk has been able to offer football fans a completely new experience. With stunning graphics, realistic gameplay and an addictive one-button control scheme, it has managed to impress gamers of all tastes. By granting unlimited coins, diamonds and unlocking all teams from the beginning Football Strike MOD Apk allows you to advance your team as quick as possible without any limit or restrictions.

Football Strike MOD Apk Gameplay

Game developers have long struggled to make football games that are fun, but also not too complex as to discourage casual gamers from playing. But Dream Games has successfully achieved this for the first time in their newest game, which means anybody can get started playing it and enjoy themselves! Casual players will particularly love how quickly they can level up by partaking in matches that won’t take them too long to complete. We’re looking forward to seeing more exciting developments in the future!

Your desire to become a goal kicking master can only intensify with the many varied objectives that you have to conquer. When you download the latest version of our amazing game for Android phones, you’ll probably spend less time playing the other game modes in which brain-busting puzzles are the key to victory if your objective is to actually score a goal rather than prevent one. You’ll want to focus on these two main (and amazingly fun!) game modes:

Football Strike Apk Features

  • Easy control
  • Online multiplayer
  • Progression of a Player
  • Extensive career mode
  • Upgrades
  • Different game mode

Easy controls

Football Strike is a great football game for people who enjoy sports games. This one can be played on the go from computer to Android and iPhone devices! With intuitive controls, easy to learn and fun to use commands, this is one game that will definitely keep you entertained. To keep up with your favourite team’s schedule, as well as get score updates direct to your device, download Football Strike today and never miss another exciting goal!

Online multiplayer

Football Strike offers you an opportunity to take on other players in a 1v1 match. In the game, players are required to play using either a keyboard or a controller depending on which one they prefer. The games played usually last for around five minutes. As a bonus, you can also play online using the multiplayer function with people all over the world!

Progression of a Player

In the game, there are a variety of ways to earn experience. Players can earn progression points by winning matches, leveling up players, collecting player cards from packs, and completing daily challenges. Experience is used to increase a player’s individual rating within certain attributes that an individual player will have access to as they progress.

Higher ratings in various stats will allow them to play better with certain positions on the field. You should know that some positions are more cooperative than others when it comes down to earning experience and achieving greatness with particular pairs of players, so choose your players wisely!

Extensive career mode

Football Strike is a football-based mobile game published by Miniclip. The game offers players an incredible amount of freedom in terms of customization. There are several options to change the look and structure of your team, and those changes can be made right on the field during matches. You can change your uniform, add or remove players for better or worse, edit player stats and maybe even replace them with your favorite sports hero.


While playing the game, upgrading a character isn’t as easy as it might seem. It’s impossible to upgrade all your players at once because as you advance on to higher levels with matches and coins, the upgrades become more expensive which can be frustrating.

Different game mode

Football Strike offers a variety of unique game modes for hours upon hours of play. You can choose to team up with 3 others and play against another set of 4 players, or maybe you just want to test your skills against another player one-on-one.

No matter what your preference will be as a player, this game is going to make sure you get the full football experience that one expects from any version of the sport with the inclusion of obstacles and goals that are just familiar enough for players to recognize them but unique enough for some extra challenge!

Gameplay Screenshots

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you strike in football?

To control the game-play, swipe left and right to pass, kick or shoot. When you are in the goal box, simply swipe up to dive.

Is football strike free?

Kick football around with friends or show them up one-on-one in Football Strike by StormPlay! Quick and exciting multiplayer games are waiting for you in this FREE download, along with a full career mode to test your skills.


Don’t just take our word for it, look out for the Football Strike Mod Apk that you can download below. Not only will you get to enjoy unlimited game time and become a VIP player on the spot, but you’ll also be able to unlock all of our rewards – just one of many perks! We guarantee that this game will knock your socks right off!

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