Day R Survival MOD Apk v1.718 (Mega MOD) 2022

Day R Survival MOD Apk is an Android game that will keep you engaged for hours. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world where the player must do whatever it takes to survive. This includes looking for supplies, constructing a shelter, and fighting off zombies.

Day R Survival MOD Apk Download

Day R Survival MOD Apk

Day R Survival is a hardcore survival game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. The map in the game covers the entirety of Russia, with hundreds of regions and millions of locations for players to explore. One of the focuses of the game is ensuring that players are kept up to date on important events and actions taken by other players.

Day R Survival MOD Apk Gameplay

In Day R Survival, your main focus will be on building and expanding your base camp. You’ll need to gather resources from the world around you to do this, and you can choose to build your base manually or have it built automatically by clicking the build button. One of the most important aspects of Day R Survival is protecting your base from zombies and other survivors. You’ll need to be vigilant and use whatever means necessary to keep your base safe.

Protecting your base is important after you’ve built it. You can do this by placing traps and defensive structures to keep zombies out. They’ll come in waves; if they get inside your barrier, you lose power. Survive as many waves as possible before time runs out.

Day R Survival MOD Apk Features

Perk selection

In Day R Survival, you are able to select perks that will give you an edge while playing the game. These can be accessed by spending currency that is earned through gameplay. It is important to be cautious while choosing perks, as some of them may not be beneficial unless you find yourself in a particular situation. The perk selection menu can be found in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Search around the map

The maps in this game are randomly generated, so every time you start a new game, the environment will be different. There are a variety of buildings you can explore, such as houses, malls, and tunnels! Searching these areas will improve your chances of survival.

The map also includes different items that you can collect and use in your everyday life. Make sure to check the bottom of your screen for a list of all the materials and items that you’ve currently collected. Some of these items will be very useful, so it’s important to collect as much as you can. Another tip is to use the search function to help you find specific items that you may need.

Choose the difficulty

Players can select the difficulty of the game, just like in Dead Trigger 2 and Into the Dead 2. There is a button with the cloud icon which is for Sandbox mode, and the graveyard mode, both are for Real Life mode.

Different weapons

Melee weapons are close-combat weapons that can include knives, axes, and clubs. These weapons can be effective against zombies, as they can kill them with a single blow. However, melee weapons may not be as effective against other survivors, who can more easily counter your attacks.

Gameplay Screenshots

Day R Survival MOD Apk
Day R Survival MOD Apk
Day R Survival MOD Apk
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MOD Features

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Day R Survival provides you with the ultimate challenge of surviving in a mystery location. You are rewarded with in-game currency for every wave you successfully complete, which you can use to purchase materials from the in-game store. You have a greater chance of surviving a difficult wave if you have more materials on hand. The first thing you need to do is find a safe place to stay, which can be either a house or a shelter that you build yourself. Once you have a safe place to stay, you can start gathering the supplies you need to survive.

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