Cafe Panic MOD Apk v1.34.30a (Unlimited Money) 2022

In Cafe Panic MOD Apk, you will have to be quick and master your cooking skills in order to keep up with the restaurant’s fast-paced activity. Cooking and serving food to customers on time is the goal of the game. Taking too long to prepare orders or making mistakes will make customers angry.

Due to the setting of the game, you will have to prepare dishes typically found in cafes and diners. Among the menu items are sandwiches, salads, and spaghetti. The pantry, stove, and refrigerator will contain the ingredients you need for these dishes. Once you have all the ingredients, you can begin cooking.

Cafe Panic MOD Apk Download

Cafe Panic MOD Apk

It’s important not to make too many mistakes in Cafe Panic MOD Apk. Customers will become angry if you burn the food or spill ingredients. Preparing orders too slowly will cost you points. When you lose all your customers, the game is over.

The gameplay is similar to Cooking Mobile Simulator. This game requires quick thinking and fine motor skills. In your restaurant, you must listen carefully to what customers want, prepare their orders quickly, and take orders from other hungry customers.

Cafe Panic MOD Apk Gameplay

As you play the game, customers will visit your restaurant until you complete all 30 levels. Taking their orders, cooking, and serving them quickly will avoid them getting angry and leaving without paying. Taking care of customers and running a restaurant is a realistic experience in the game.

Cafe Panic MOD Apk Features

Chat with other players

Players from all over the world can also chat in Cafe Panic: Cooking Restaurant. It is possible to ask for advice from your friends about how to become a better cook in this game. By knowing what they have achieved after playing for a long time, you will learn new skills and master the game.

Expand your restaurants

Your restaurant can be expanded three times during Cafe Panic: Cooking Restaurant to accommodate more customers and earn coins more quickly. A small kitchen will be transformed into a medium kitchen, and then into a large kitchen. Performing tasks in the game or serving orders quickly will earn you coins for each expansion.

Beautiful music/sound effects

Cafe Panic MOD Apk has really nice music that adds to its charm. While different sounds play when customers enter your cafe or place their orders, various background tracks play throughout the rounds. Cafe Panic users will enjoy these sounds while playing the game.

Combo system

Cafe Panic features a combo system that allows players to score more points by completing orders quickly. You will earn more points for correctly serving each dish to your customers the faster you serve them.

Gameplay Screenshots

Cafe Panic MOD Apk
Cafe Panic MOD Apk
Cafe Panic MOD Apk
App NameCafe Panic
Latest Versionv1.34.30a
PublisherBoomware Studio
Get it OnGoogle Play

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money


Cafe Panic is a free online game that can be played in most modern browsers. This game falls under the category of xxx  
You can restart a new game by reinstalling the application. Press "Stick with this cafe" when the game offers to restore your cafe


Whenever you finish a level at Cafe Panic, your progress is automatically saved once you have completed it. In the course of the game, you have the option to restart the game in case you keep getting beaten or running out of ingredients in the middle of it. In the first instance, it saved automatically from the point where it automatically saved the second time around.

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