Benji Bananas MOD Apk v1.50 (Unlimited Bananas) 2022

Benji Bananas MOD Apk, players will have to collect bananas in order to progress through the game, and they’ll need to find a path to navigate around obstacles. However, these bananas are guarded by enemies and it’s very possible that the player could lose some of their hard-earned fruit if they’re hit by a spike trap or lose control of their motorcycle. The more bananas a player collects, keeps and uses, the more new abilities Benji can unlock so don’t be afraid to use your fruit wisely!

Benji Bananas MOD Apk is to catch as many bananas as possible because on your mission to collect them some hurdles will come your way, which if jumped over without crashing, will increase your score. This is when you’ll truly have to prove that you can collect multiple bananas at a time while not losing focus or running into something else too hard.This game features multiple modes and has become highly replayable due to the numerous levels and challenges, making it a good choice for everyone.

Benji Bananas MOD Apk Download

Benji Bananas MOD Apk

Are you ready to take on the exciting adventure of exploring the jungle with a monkey that you can control on your own? If yes, then leading Bananas MOD Apk in its download can help you achieve that easily.

The premise of the game is merely to swing your way through a variety of obstacles and landscapes to reach the finish line but do not let its easy gameplay fool you! While it might seem simple at first, the levels quickly get more difficult as you progress through each level, making for a challenging but rewarding gaming experience.

Benji Bananas MOD Apk Gameplay

Get ready for action-packed fun in this retro platforming adventure! As soon as you collect your first banana, it will be added to your score, and you can earn more points by collecting even more bananas in quick succession. The gameplay involves jumping from one platform to another while collecting bananas on the way.

Subway Surfers is a popular game where one must jump from different platforms or obstacles in a mine shaft to avoid the deadly sharp spikes or collisions with the trains. This is a game with many different levels of challenges and some levels require quick thinking by performing tricks such as cartwheels and handstands to stay on the ground. However, each level is measured by how long you can remain on the ground which requires an expert’s balance of reflexes and mental focus.

Benji Bananas MOD Apk Features

Easy To Controls

Benji Bananas is one of the most popular mobile games out there, and it’s easy to see why! Most people play it because they can easily pick up the game mechanic, which allows them to swing around the large world freely. The levels are large and full of loots for you to collect. You can also use your handy vines to swing around quickly or hurriedly escape from an enemy who’s chasing after you. Newcomers will love this new adventure from Acme Slashdev Studios, and even experts will find plenty of entertainment if they want a break from Benji Banana!

Touch and hold the screen to grab any vines around you, then release your finger towards the direction you want to go. The simple control actions are easy to get used to, but they’ll be quite difficult for you to master!


Bananas have created a new, very interesting take on a classic arcade game. They got rid of the bland pixelated style with its dull shades and replaced it with vibrant art in rich colors. The controls feel like pure bliss! It seems to enable you to make tight maneuvers to get by any danger lurking in your path while still being able to have great control over your character. Not being used to touch screen games I was surprised by how easy it was to play Bananas.

The levels are well designed, keeping you entertained with plenty of obstacles and challenges to conquer. You play as the eponymous Benji, a monkey who swings through the jungle, cityscapes, and other varied landscapes while avoiding obstacles and making his way to the end of the level.

Educational gameplay

This game is best described as “cute” and is sure to provide your family with a fun learning experience. The character design is endearing and the stages are easy to understand. As adults, we want to make sure your kids know everything there is to know about the world so they can one day become better adults.

Outfits are in Variety

Benji Bananas is the perfect place to buy a costume or two this Halloween if you’re tired of always having to make your own. There are a wide variety of outlandish outfits are available.

Enjoy the ultimate fun of making your monkey look smashing by finding the perfect combination of accessories and outfits for it. Feel free to choose any number of items which can be changed in real-time according to your preferences.


Benji Bananas MOD Apk
Benji Bananas MOD Apk
Benji Bananas MOD Apk
App NameBenji Bananas
Latest Versionv1.50
MOD InfoUnlimited banana
PublisherAnimoca Brands
Get it OnGoogle Play

MOD Features

The unlimited Banana feature in the Benji Bananas Mod Apk 2022 makes it easy and fun again to eat your favorite tasty fruits.


Developed by Tribeflame and originally published by Fingersoft, Benji Bananas is a mobile action game first launched in 2013 and was followed by its sequel Benji Bananas Adventures the following year. Since launch, Benji Bananas has generated over 50 million downloads across the App Store and Google Play.
Bananas Benji is a 2D platform game in which you have to control a monkey who likes two things: to swing on vines and to eat bananas. Luckily, in this game, you can do both simultaneously. The gameplay is very simple: touch the screen and Benji will grip a vine and release your finger to make Benji drop from the vine.


At Benji Bananas, we’re all about fun – making sure you have plenty of it while playing our fantastic range of Android arcade games. If you’re ever feeling down, simply pull out your phone and dive into one of the most fun gaming experiences you’ll find on Google Play. With a simple pick-up-and-play interface and tons of exciting gameplay features to enjoy, you won’t find yourself ever getting bored. So what are you waiting for? Start hopping into those addictive jungle adventures today!

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