Art of War 3 MOD Apk v1.0.107 ( Everything Unlocked ) 2022

Thinking about war games, we always think back to the classic games that had us at the edge of our seats. Even though the graphics were lackluster, the excitement we felt while playing was special and unique! It’s no different this time around as we deliver a similar experience by adding some sweet features that will make even the biggest skeptics excited.

Art of War 3 MOD Apk is one of the most addictive and high-quality mobile games that you can play on an android device. Initially, you start by building your base which takes some getting used to because there are so many things involved in creating it. At first, you may not know what you’re doing but as you progress in the game, things become much more understandable going forward. You also get to face other players online who will go up against you to see who can win!

Art of War 3 MOD Apk Download

Art of War 3 MOD Apk

Art of War 3 MOD Apk can be played online against both AI-controlled opponents and real players from around the world, resulting in hundreds of hours worth of exciting gameplay opportunities.

In our opinion, one of the best features in Art of War 3 MOD Apk is the ability to control your troops on the battlefield. You can give them specific orders and they will follow them exactly as you’ve instructed. This results in success even when you are outnumbered! The game also includes a number of different units, so it’s possible to create an army that is perfectly tailored to suit your personal gameplay preferences.

Art of War 3 MOD Apk Gameplay

The gameplay is all about trying to “crack the nut” of your opponent’s castle walls by using different strategies and maneuvers, strategizing up ahead of time against your enemies, and being very much aware of what they have at their disposal while at the same time treating every move you make as if it were a check-mate in chess. Is this an ode to Game of Thrones? Maybe, but we’re also talking about chess!

The Art of War 3 MOD Apk is probably one of the best strategy games for android and iPhone. It’s set in the near future – which means that it is quite close to us! The only problem is that Earth doesn’t seem too healthy at the moment! You see, there are two big powers trying to take over Earth: the Confederation and the Resistance. Your job is to decide whom you want to send your soldiers to fight for and what you think life is worth fighting for!

You will fight in all corners of the globe alongside some of the greatest generals, commanders, and soldiers that the world has ever seen, so get ready to win stunning victories. It’s your choice entirely which Army you side with. If you join the Confederation, you’ll have to protect every single part of it from becoming infected by a mysterious Red Alert. However, if you decide that siding with the Resistance is for you, your chance will come to show off your rebellious side and destroy Generals who are set on creating global domination systems in this universe.

Art of War 3 MOD Apk Features

  • Easy to control
  • Graphics
  • Air defense tower
  • Create custom army

Easy to control

The controls of Art of War 3 MOD Apk are simplistic while providing players with the ability to interact with the game world in meaningful ways. For example, you can move your soldiers seamlessly around the war-torn landscape while issuing orders quickly that increase the satisfaction derived from playing. These control systems allow players to take a more detailed look at their surroundings without any disruption by zooming into different areas in a natural and easy way.

Feel free to experiment with a variety of controller options when playing your video games. You should use your console’s default control scheme or create your own in order to match your play style and give you the flexibility you need in the moment when you feel more accustomed to using certain tools than others while gaming.


Since the release of Art of War 3 MOD Apk in 2018, its graphics have been somewhat surpassed, which is a good thing because real-time strategy games may be taxing. We truly believe that it’s better to forgo a few flashy visuals for smooth and rapid gameplay. But don’t think the game feels any less good; the animations still look exquisite! This is not to suggest that AoW 3 is without flaws; it still has room for improvement – such as streamlining some of the interface options.

Air defense tower

Defense towers are very important tools to have in the protection of one’s own base from enemy attacks or intruders. The tower has a long-range, allowing it to not only keep watch over your base but deter any planes that would do harm to it. Only use defense towers in areas where they can cover as wide around your base as possible and will be next to areas people might need a lot of protection in due to the importance of said areas. Towers are not built to defend against ground troops so try not to place them in regions where there is a concern for ground attacks.

It’s essential for you to keep your armory well-maintained so that it can continue to protect your base from aerial assault. That is perhaps the most devastating type of attack, despite what you might imagine!

Create custom army

In Art of War 3 MOD Apk, players are given the opportunity to construct their own armies based on unit combinations. This allows for a greater sense of in-game success and progression since players can begin with base units from scratch and ultimately advance those units into more powerful ones. For example, tank units start out basic but through the addition of better pieces like turrets, backup weapons, and armor upgrades, they can actually become indispensable fighting vehicles that appear on a player’s army roster as an advanced tank unit.

MOD Features

  • Unlimited gold
  • Unlimited Money
  • Infinite energy

Gameplay Screenshots

Art of War 3 MOD Apk
Art of War 3 MOD Apk
Art of War 3 MOD Apk
Art of War 3 MOD Apk
NameArt of War 3
Offered ByGear Games Global
Get it OnGoogle Play
UpdatedAug 22, 2022
MOD FeaturesOrigin APK

MOD Features

  • Everything Unlocked


If you think you have what it takes to be a great leader, to know when and where to place your troops according to the enemy’s weak spot in Art of War 3 MOD Apk and know how to attack with the right amount of force so that your enemies cannot defeat you, then this is exactly what you need. You will have all the resources available to play and master the game as well as all kinds of fun modes just like in previous versions. Therefore, if you want a fast-paced challenging game full of strategy elements, then here is everything you need in Art of War 3 MOD Apk.

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