Armed Heist MOD Apk v2.4.304 (Immortality) 2022

If you love playing shooting games and are trying to hunt down a shooter that lets you test your skills against unarmed civilians or cops then Armed Heist MOD Apk is the must-play action game for you. The game provides access to unique features that can come in handy when robbing more than 70 banks from all over the world like our dynamic scenario system, user-friendly weapons customization, the ability to make your character whatever race and creed, high-quality graphics, and realistic bank security systems screens.

Armed Heist MOD Apk Download

Armed Heist MOD Apk

I highly enjoy the Armed Heist game because of the sheer size and diversity of maps, from the detailed statistics you can see on each map it outshines all its competitors. I also like how it allows me to plan my attack no matter what. You never know which one is easier to rob than another. Spend most of your time in “practice mode” at first before tackling the real thing!

Armed Heist MOD Apk Gameplay

The gameplay is all about using your freshly acquired cash to create an empire of your own. You start out as a humble robber but you’ll quickly rise through the ranks, building up a criminal enterprise. Additionally, you can use and modify various weapons to help stay alive in the hostile open world and takeover by buying new weapons, and managing your team’s schedule to be ready for each new mission – there are so many exciting aspects of this game that it’s impossible to capture in just one small piece!

Armed Heist MOD Apk Features

Premium Weapons

Great firearms are the focal point of all shooting games and this definitely isn’t any different here in Armed Heist. Dozens of firearms await you in the game, such as submachine guns, snipers, grenades, pistols, and others. If it’s hot firepower you’re after then be sure to add silencers, handles, and other upgrade parts to your weapon to make them more powerful and efficient in dealing out immense damage.

Experience Like A Real Criminal

Armed Heist MOD Apk is a game designed to test your skills while being in a high-pressure situation. To fully enjoy the experience you’ll need to have quick reflexes and pay close attention to your surroundings as well. Stay sharp, don’t make any mistakes, collect all of the loot that’s available and complete any objectives that pop up! Sometimes you’ll have to take a detour while completing an objective so it’s best that you are familiar with each map or level. You will find yourself being attacked from all angles but if you remain persistent nothing can go wrong. Just remember to always stay alert with Armed Heist

Multiple tasks

Armed Heist MOD Apk is similar to the famous GTA: San Andreas and focuses on completing various missions to advance. You must evade enemy helicopters and plan your strategy of stealing money as you collect loot. Players can use a variety of special weapons or non-lethal tactics to complete their tasks, with the full awareness that their day is only made easier by the fact that they’ve earned a title for themselves – all thanks to how many objectives they were able to complete during play!

Unlock Amazing Reward

This chest contains random loot inside with resources as well. There are also many cards in this chest of specific weapons and players have an option to purchase the chest and open it to get new cards for weapons they want. The cards contain weapons available in the game and they can be used to upgrade weapons at their will.

Gameplay Screenshots

Armed Heist MOD Apk
Armed Heist MOD Apk
Armed Heist MOD Apk
NameArmed Heist
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Updated6 Aug 2022
MOD FeaturesImmortality

MOD Features

  • Immortality


If you’re the kind of person who enjoys playing games on their phone, you’d probably know that games like Armed Heist are some of the most popular third-person shooting titles you can enjoy. Also, if you download this game on your device and play it a little bit, you’ll see why it’s awesome!

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